Free Runescape Membership PIN Giveaway

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Become a Member and Enjoy…

Boss Hunting

Normal monsters not Challenging enough for you? Boss Hunting takes you to the Next Level, where you are facing off against a powerful Monster with your friends!

Member Only Skills

Are you bored of the skills that come with Free-To-Play? Membership adds to your Gaming Experience by equipping you with:

Agility | Construction | Farming | Fletching | Herblore | Hunter | Slayer | Summoning | Thieving

Mini Games

Want to take a break from the normal Runescape Game and have some fun? Mini Games will get you jumping for joy. Mini Games are Member Only Activities that can be used to Gain XP, Member Only Weapons, and to have fun!

Member Only Items

Get the added advantage of having Member Only Items. Unlock weapons and armour with much better stats and fighting power!

Much, Much, More!

There are much more benefits including Member Only Forums, Member Only Quests, and a player owned house! Members also get the added benefit of having Extra Bank space and Grand Exchange Boxes.

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